In Memoriam

Member: Barbara
Dog: Tramp, Sharjet’s Born to Run Bold
DOB: 1-12-04  DOD: 3-21-15
11.5 year old Dobergirl, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge
She had a good last day. She sunned herself on the deck, sucked up her last 2 meals, at 5 p.m. ran around in the yard for an hour playing with Fame and Trouble, spent the evening lounging in her favorite spot on HER sofa and at midnight simply got up, went out in the yard, lay down, closed her eyes and never got up. The only hint that there was something wrong was that she wasn’t interested in licking our plates after we finished dinner. She is the only one of our dogs that hasn’t made us take that horrible last trip to the vet when you have to face coming home alone. In her death as in her life she didn’t believe in creating drama. Although she never had puppies of her own she raised 7 of my husband’s Canine Companions for Independence service dog puppies and put up with the new Dobe brat Trouble for the last 6 months. She was a great momma dog. We will miss you Trampegirl.

Member: Nicole Bailey
Dog: Mojo,
NATCH-14/Versatility NATCH-14 Destiny's Mr Mojo B Risin' CD RAE AX AXJ XF S-EAC S-ECC S-EJC S-TN-E S-WV-E S-TG-E S-HP-E
DOB: 6-30-02  DOD: 11-22-14
Mojo was my first dog as an adult living on my own. I had wanted a Doberman my whole life and before I was even moved into my house I had him reserved. I was lucky enough to stumble across Carol Bohanan-Uhler and Destiny Dobermans. She gave me my once in a lifetime dog, my heart dog. We went through everything for the first time together. He was my Novice A obedience dog, Novice A agility dog and Novice A rally dog. He introduced me to the crazy world of dog sports and friends that will last a lifetime. He taught me more about training and behavior than I ever realized there could be to learn. He taught me that it was possible to be bonded to a dog in a way that words fail to express. He was an incredible agility dog, competing mainly in NADAC he was in the all breed top ten for that venue every year he competed in Elite and he was the #1 Doberman in that venue every year as well. He placed overall at the Championships multiple years. He was the first Doberman to earn a Versatility NATCH and then went on to earn 13 more. He is the only Doberman to have ever earned the Platinum Speed Star award. Something I am the most proud of out of our entire career together. I could go on listing his accomplishments for days but his greatest accomplishment was being the light of my life. I was blessed with 12 1/2 years to share with him, my soul's counterpoint on this earth. Until the day that his hemangiosarcoma became too much to bear and he then became the first dog I had to make the ultimate sacrifice and let go. Always teaching me up until the very end. I miss him every day but I know he is near. Held tight in my heart until we meet again.